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No Exit proposes a serial online fiction for free. Every week or so, a new episode will be available for you to read.

The story is a weird and very personal one, where the reader will experience the claustrophobic and paranoïd feelings of the central character. The most obvious references would be the Prisoner TV series and the Cube movie, spiced up with a pinch of Sliders, but it still is a unique tale. Once you've began to read, there is no way to escape it.

It is written in short, easily readable episodes, so that you can read one quick and fast while netsurfing and still enjoy the atmosphere. The english used is easily understandable, as No Exit doesn't have the pretention to be a litterary masterpiece, but rather a story enjoyable by all who surf on the World Wide Web ; it may not be written in perfect english, as the author is french, but we do our best to convey the experience, and your comments will help us to improve the quality of this fiction.

We recommend you mark this page as favourite (or bookmark) in order to come easily see the follow-ups every week.

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