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An X on the map...

Orpheus XIII is the author of all text, graphics and music on this site.

You can learn more about his art by visiting his other sites. All else you need to know about him is :

- He is french
- He's a musician and artist
- He's insane (but how could he not, being already french and artist ?)

- He has no parental link whatsoever with Bill Leeb or Salvador Dali, no matter what he or other people will pretend.

- Litterature is no more his specialty than english is his native language, but with No Exit he tries a new approach to web-storytelling, and hopes that lots of people throughout the world will enjoy it.

- He (I)loves to speak in the third person, as his Antipope status allows, and occasionally crucifies innocent girls in the accomplishment of his sacerdoce.