Entry Four.

"So, who the hell are you supposed to be ?", the girl said.

For just a second, I was tempted to answer "Well, I'm the White Rabbit, my dear Alice...", but her cold stare refrained me from doing so ; and, maybe, just maybe, the fact that her leather jacket was slightly bulged under the shoulder, as if she'd been wearing a concealed firearm, also played its part in my decision.

I didn't know what to answer, I really didn't. Fortunately, the midget spoke before I did.

"- Please forgive my companion for her bluntness", he said. "She's a bit tense, lately. My name is Simon, and this charming lady is known as...

- I can present myself, thank you, Simon, she interrupted. I'm Sharon. So, now, who are you ?"

At that point, I must confess that I had absolutely no idea of who I really was. For that matter, I didn't remember anything of my past, be it recent or quite remote in time. This wasn't helping. I thought for a brief moment of inventing myself an identity, and instantly realised the risks of such a move if I had to spend some time in this place, with these people. So I went for the sincerity act.

"I.. I don't know. I really don't. I don't remember a thing".

The two looked at me, than at each other, and at me again. Once more, it was the dwarf who spoke.

"- So, you're an amnesiac, uh ? No memory, not even of your name.

- No. Nothing.

- Could be a trap, said Sharon, half looking at Simon without totally leaving me out of sight. He could be one of Them.

- Yes, I could be, I said, kind of irritated by this seemingly no-way-out situation. But I don't even know what you're talking about, or who "they" are. And I don't know who you are either, except for your names, assuming they're true. So, if you decide to trust me, fine, but if you don't I'll just have to take my chances all by myself.

- Well, said Simon, the situation seems to call for a slight concertation, so would you please excuse us while my companion and myself isolate ourselves a bit in order to consider the matter at hand ?

- Yeah, sure, do that, I said. I'll just go have a beer while you chat, but don't worry, I'll come right back."

The two glanced at me, apparently not sure of how they should react to my tentative of humor, and then just nodded and went away a few yards. There, they discussed, then came back.

"- Okay, said Sharon, we've agreed to take you with us for now.

- Great, I said. You just made my day brighter.

- Listen, smartass, you don't have to come !

- Now, now, my dear, said Simon, we all had a rough time, but let's not forgive our manners. The gentlemen's humor certainly takes some getting used to, but that is no reason to give the opposition what it wants by jumping at each other's throats. Now, Mr Amnesiac, would you please have the kindness to tell us how we should call you ?"

I considered the matter for a while, and, being the lazy and quite unimaginative kind, settled for the alphabetic solution ; as I didn't picture myself as an Aaron or Abraham, I settled for the next best thing :

- Call me Adam, I said.

- Well, Adam, said Simon, giving me his hand to shake, this is a long way from Eden. But you're welcome to tread it alongside us.

Sharon nodded at that and also came to shake my hand.

"So, I asked, how do we get out of here ?"

                                                                                                                                        NO EXIT.