Entry Eleven.

I have the feeling this journey is far from over.

It's been weeks, now, since I found myself here. Weeks of wandering endlessly with my companions of misfortune through these levels like rats in a maze, not knowing when it will end. After a while, the details blur into each other, and I think that the time may come when they may have their portance : for better global understanding, and ultimately making the right choices.

So I decided to take notes.

Before I go on, I think a few things need to be precised :some of you might wonder how I could make this journal, why my english is far from perfect, why I seem to recall some things while I should be an amnesiac, etc.

Also : the fact that I was able to tell my tale may make you reluctant to go on, for lack of suspense : after all, I survived in the end, didn't I ? Maybe I did. In a way. But die, I did too. Wait and see.

Last things first : let's make it quite clear that at this point in my tale, I didn't remember a damn thing of my past life ! Still, I was left with impressions, sometimes even certainties, about waht I could do or not, what I had been through or not, what was my opinion on a given subject. But who I was,what I used to do for a living, my name, the face of my mother, the smell of my lover (if any), all of that I knew nothing about. Is that clear ? Good, so read on and stop interrupting me all the time.

About my english : as you understood, I speak it fluently. Yet, I seem (from what the others tell me) to have an accent of sorts (Simon placed it as something like danish or dutch), and make some spelling or grammatical mistakes, much to dear Simon's displeasure, including when I report what the others said, of course.

Concerning this tale : at first, I took a few notebooks and pens in a shop on our way (on Level 364), and began to write. But it soon proved unpractical, as it took time and required attention I could not always afford to have. Plus, there would come a time when it would amount to extra weight to carry, another unnafordable luxury in my situation.

So, when next we ran unto an audio store, I broke the glass and took a direct-to-disk recorder, one of the newest models : no tape to care about, just a few gigs of hard disk and an audio compression mode. Neat little things. Expensive, too, but what did I care ? Didn't have to pay for the buggers. As a matter of fact I took 2 of the things just to be sure. ANd I began to record all I could remember of, from day one. I could speak while walking, sometimes even running, and it kept me from getting bored - which, in this place, could quickly mean losing your sanity !

I have a long way to go before I run out of place to store the data. Still, as I don't know how long I'll be here, I will only describe the important things, leaving the seemingly useless routine to our collective memories.

Hope I make the right choices.


NEXT...                                                                                                                                       NO EXIT.